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Whatever your requirements – whether indoor or outdoor – we provide PA, Radio communications or Wired/Wireless Talkback, we supply clients with the biggest and best brand names on the market.
In the PA category we use/supply:

  • Toa

  • Soundcraft

  • Sennheiser

  • Cloud

  • EV

  • And several others.

In the Radio Category we use/supply:

  • Motorola

  • Kenwood

  • and several accessory suppliers.

In the Talkback category we use:

  • HME DX200 & HME DX210

  • Clear-Com wired intercom

  • Kenwood Uhf base station 4 wire interfaced talkback

Wireless Talkback Systems Providers
HME DX200 & HME DX210

The DM200 and the HME DX210 provide users with the perfect combination of high intercom performance with initiative system compatibility.

As a wireless talkback system, the HME DX200 and HME DX210 provides some of the best sound quality and interference-free multi-way communication available.

Clear-Com wired intercom

Clear-com has been providing events with the best intercom talkback systems since 1968. The clear com wired intercom talkback system continues their illustration tradition of quality, reliable and easy to use intercom products.

Kenwood Uhf base station 4 wire interfaced talkback

Kenwood remains one of the market leaders for the supply, design and manufacturing of quality wireless talkback systems.

Mobile Radio Links Ltd. provides Kenwood's extremely reliable Uhf base station to clients all over Dublin.

For more information on any of our PA Systems and Radio systems, get in contact with Mobile Radio Links Ltd. today.

PA System Providers
Soundcraft PA Systems

Soundcraft are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of PA systems and sound equipment. Their products are renowned for their innovative and practical design.


Sennheiser remains at the very forefront of PA System innovation. Sennheiser’s LSP 500 Pro PA System blends wireless technology with the crisp sound quality Sennheiser products are famous for.

Cloud PA Systems

Built to address the unique and diverse needs of sound equipment, Cloud PA systems work as well in a conference room as they do on a cruise ship. Since 1970 Cloud has remained at the very forefront of PA system innovation and development.

EV PA Systems

EV or electronic voice provides everything from portable speakers to wireless microphones. Their products have a reputation for their reliability, practical design and ease of set-up.