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A Walkie Talkie in pieces

For the very best in professional sound and communications services, get in contact with the experts at Mobile Radio Links Ltd. today.


We have designed and installed full radio control room(s) and supplied radio control operators for many events, both indoors and outdoors.
For large events, we supply people to coordinate and log radio allocation and returns.

Our radio control rooms and based in Dublin, radio control operators are available nationwide. 

We can also provide recording solutions for your radio traffic, our current system allows for 4 channels to be recorded but we have access to larger systems also.

For more information on any of our services, get in contact with our offices today.

Services FAQ

Do you sell and rent radio control room equipment?

Yes, as one of the longest established Radio Control Room providers in Dublin, we provide our clients with an extensive range of equipment including radio talkback systems. Not sure what you need? Our radio control room experts can make recommendations.

What does a radio control operator do?

As the name suggests radio control operators manage and oversee the radio equipment. They ensure that voices and music are played at an appropriate volume. Radio control operators also make adjustments to audio modulation when necessary.

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